17th forum LOG-IN, November 25, 2020, Prague


In the words of the attendees themselves...

I came out of curiosity. Once I was at this event, a few years ago when it was still held on Wenceslas Square. The forum is certainly interesting because there is always something going on in the field and here one gets information in a concentrated form. Interesting, next time I’ll come again.

Zdeněk Nový, Managing Director, Transtechnik CS

Since I attend a lot of similar events and presentations, I can say that LOG-IN is at a very high level. We met many logistics experts here. At the conference, we introduced Power-Batt, which is applied to batteries and is designed to revitalize and extend their lives.

Kateřina Havlíková, project manager, Unikont Group

As for the program, LOG-IN pleasantly surprised me. For example, I caught the presentation about RFID by Mr. Šmidlík from Yusen. It’s a competitive technology to ours, so I wanted to know what to prepare for. Otherwise, our stand was visited by people from interesting companies in the field. For many, identification of goods is a bit foreign, because they work in logistics but don’t go into such details. They were informed about how code reading works based on processing pictures, not laser technology.

Jan Kučera, Sales engineer, Cognex

In general, I would say that there was no weak presentation at this year’s event. I was very interested in cross-docking in the sense of a new tool that could help to share. In terms of logistical innovation, I consider sustainable development and secondary utilization of production surpluses to be very important. Because in logistics and throughout global chains, there are such volumes that we destroy the environment in a huge way. Not to mention efficiency.

Michael Rada, president, IBSCD LAB

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