17th forum LOG-IN, November 25, 2020, Prague


The latest developments in the planning of the forum


Published November 7, 2019

Businessman, politician, philanthropist
Martin Hausenblas is an entrepreneur, politician and philanthropist. In 2000 he co-founded ADLER Czech, which is today one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of promotional textiles in Europe. His long-term interest in sustainable transport has led him to launch the popular Liftago application, which connects passengers directly with taxi drivers. Martin Hausenblas will present a lecture: INNOVATION IN BUSINESS with a focus on a hybrid FVT system with battery and cogeneration at the ADLER Czech Ostrava logistics center.


Published November 3, 2019

ANASOFT, a bronze forum partner, will introduce you to the practical application of digital twin technology for in-house supply and agile material flow management. Listen to their invitation at forum LOG-IN!


Published October 18, 2019

The nominations ended. Now you have a chance to decide who will receive the LOG-IN AWARD! Rate innovations! The vote ends on 31 October!

LOG-IN forum to feature a recipe on how to innovate in companies

Published September 26, 2019

Packed with great speakers and inspiring presentations, the LOG-IN forum is approaching quickly. It will take place on November 21 at the O2 Universum in Prague. One of the speakers will be Filip Dřímalka, an expert on digital transformation of companies focusing on innovation and building digital competencies of companies and their employees.

Digital transformation is not only about technology, but about people and organizations that are able to work with them and use them for their benefit. What are the technological trends that change the face of logistics? How do you identify those that can help you benefit and those that are just being talked about? How to build competence to work with them? Partnerships can be the answer – with business, technology companies and startups. Filip Dřímalka’s lecture will present technologies that you can use today, even those that are not yet discussed, but will soon be, as well as the greatest opportunities in the area of ​​technology partnerships.

Wondering how to successfully upgrade? How to motivate employees to think about innovations and come up with ideas? Do not miss the LOG-IN forum and Filip Dřímalka’s presentation.

16th edition of the LOG-IN forum in the new, multifunctional center O2 UNIVERSUM

Published May 21, 2019

A unique forum deserves a unique venue. For that reason, the LOG-IN forum is changing addresses. After five years at the Czech National Bank, the 16th annual LOG-IN forum will be held at the brand-new O2 UNIVERSUM conference center. This modern, multifunctional complex features state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and is located in the northeastern part of the city center right next to the O2 Arena and on the yellow B metro line. The official opening is planned for the fall of 2019, so LOG-IN #16 will be one of the very first conferences in this facility. LOG-IN and O2 UNIVERSUM – a unique interconnection of innovation, modern technology and inspiration.