16th forum LOG-IN, November 21, 2019


A bevy of inspiration for innovating your logistics
Konferenční den
21. 11. 2019

Distribution of beer in the digital era

We supply our brands from Prazdroj directly to almost 40,000 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the past three years, we have transformed our customer distribution management system from the 20th to the 21st century. Our new mobile platform represents a significant step forward for our customers, our carriers and us. Our mobile application has accelerated and simplified the work of drivers and, in combination with our Control Tower, gives us the ability to monitor delivery status in real time. In the future, our mobile platform will give us advice on other options that we plan to develop further. At the conference, we want to present our path to digital distribution, the benefits we have achieved, and the challenges and opportunities for the future.

Marek Prach, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Tomáš Sedláček, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Denis Milfait, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Digital twins and intelligent logistics management

Digital twins are currently among the top technological trends in digital transformation and automation. The wide range of tools and functionalities that this technology has is used in the digitization of logistics, supply chain optimization, but also in the dynamic and autonomous management of logistics processes. The case studies will present the practical deployment of digital twin technology for in-house supply and agile material-flow management.

Peter Bílik, ANASOFT

Modern weighing technology or the internet of things in practice

Application of modern weighing technologies in assembly operations. One such technology is Ii SmartLocker, which cleverly utilizes fully automatic weighing technology to control offtakes while simultaneously monitoring warehouse and ordering. SCS (or vendor consolidation) integrates any number of vendors into a single system, greatly streamlining your company’s logistics processes.

Tomáš Pelikán, Bossard CZ

Preventive service of trucks remotely? Reality! The fleet management system and service platform increase efficiency

The I_Site fleet management technology enables trolleys to be linked and monitored. Obtained data and their systematic diagnostics positively influence key manipulation operations, their safety and efficiency. Through full control of the trucks, their operation and their combined performance, it eliminates resource wastage and reduces operating costs. Smart truck communication with the new T-Stream service platform will now also allow predictive maintenance and even more efficient truck care programs. Preventive remote service is another essential step to ensure maximum reliability and availability of trucks, which is a key requirement for many major customers, regardless of scale and complexity.

Jakub Lochman, Toyota Material Handling

Effective in-house logistics

Increasing efficiency applies to all areas of the company, including logistics. In the case study, we will show you what we were dealing with when we introduced an autonomous pallet truck in the production hall and what effect we achieved.

Petr Kuchyňa, KIEKERT-CS



Professional program

9 hours of case studies, innovation and inspirational lectures


Lunch and BizLOG

Take 10 minutes out of your schedule to make new business contacts! Attend organized meetings between forum partners and participants during the lunch break.


Gala evening of logistics innovation

Once again this year, the forum includes the gala evening of logistics innovation and the handing-out of the 2019 LOG-IN awards! The competition will award the best innovations and innovators in the past year.

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Logistics Business Mixer

The ever-popular Logistics Business Mixer is the ideal place to make new business contacts while strengthening existing ones. The event features a buffet dinner, live music, refreshing drinks, and games and competitions to entertain the guests and facilitate networking.