17th forum LOG-IN, November 25, 2020, Prague

Project LOG-IN

Czechoslovak project to support innovation in logistics

Supporting logistics innovation since 2004

The Project LOG-IN builds on the highly popular LOG-IN forums organized in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by ATOZ Group since 2004. The project provides support for innovations in logistics across different channels in both countries.

The LOG-IN Forum

First launched in 2004 in the Czech Republic and in 2007 in Slovakia, the LOG-IN forum has become a stabile entry in the calendars of logistics professionals seeking live, in-person inspiration and information on how to innovate and improve the logistics processes in their companies. The forums are held in the spring in Slovakia and in the fall in the Czech Republic, and they attract over 200 logistics professionals to each event. The conference programs include inspirational keynote speeches, case studies, presentations of innovative products and solutions, and panel discussions touching on the hot topic in logistics. The events also include ample opportunities for networking and discussions, and they are capped off in the evening by the LOG-IN awards ceremony and the popular Logistics Business Mixer.

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The LOG-IN awards

The LOG-IN awards program recognizes the best innovations and innovators in logistics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Unlike other awards whose winners are decided by a closed jury, the LOG-IN awards program is based on full transparency and democracy — companies nominate their projects or products and the readers of the magazine Systémy Logistiky choose the winners in an open vote in which hundreds take part. The awards are given out at the end of the LOG-IN forum in four categories:

  1. Technical Innovation of the Year
  2. Innovative Project of the Year
  3. Real Estate Innovation of the Year
  4. Fachman of the Year

A professional guarantor for each category helps ensure the professionalism of the nomination and selection process while adding his or her insights on innovation in the given category.

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The Czechoslovak portal offers inspiration to logistics professionals on a daily basis. Managed by the editorial teams of the Czech and Slovak editions of the logistics magazine Systémy Logistiky, it includes a wealth of information and inspiration for logistics professionals:

  • practical case studies
  • reviews of new, innovative products and services
  • profiles of and interviews with “fachmen” – personalities who innovate logistics in their companies
  • blogs from fachmen
  • news and inspiration from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the world

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Monthly newsletter

The monthly LOG-IN e-mail newsletter provides logistics professionals with a healthy but manageable dose of information and inspiration right in their e-mail inboxes. The latest news, case study of the month, new product of the month and other short features are compiled and distributed by the Systémy Logistiky editorial team with a mind to the logistics professional who is overworked and wants to see the highlights in a single document. Thousands of logistics professionals have thus far signed up to receive the newsletter.

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Annual report

Published annually in the spring, the LOG-IN annual report provides an overview of the most fundamental innovations in logistics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It includes inspirational case studies, interviews with and profiles of “fachmen”, new product reviews, reports from both LOG-IN forums from the past year including the results of the LOG-IN awards, and presentations of partners of the LOG-IN project. The bilingual (Czech-Slovak) publication is distributed to thousands of logistics professionals along with the magazine Systémy Logistiky, is handed out to participants of events hosted by ATOZ Logistics, and is available for downloading online.

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Social media profiles

The Project LOG-IN is also active on social media, with profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn that provide that opportunity for logistics professionals to network with one another and to discuss and debate innovation in logistics. The main stories, case studies, interviews and profiles of “fachmen” are shared regularly on the profiles for logistics professionals who prefer to get their information and inspiration on their social media timelines.

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