17th forum LOG-IN, November 25, 2020, Prague

Martin Hausenblas

Businessman, politician, philanthropist

Martin Hausenblas

Businessman, politician, philanthropist
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Ústí patriot

He was born in Děčín, but he has devoted his adult life to Ústí nad Labem. Ústí is close to his heart, and when he walks around the city, he thinks of how he can improve the lives of its citizens. He studied here, and besides being active in business and living here, he also works in the city council, where he was elected as a member of the PRO Ústí association. He is also the author of the popular Facebook group I Love Ústí.

Fair businessman

In 2000 he co-founded the company ADLER Czech, which is today one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of promotional textiles in Europe. It has its registered office and taxes in Ústí, but it reloads its goods in Ostrava. The company manages the entire production ecologically without any waste.

His long-term interest in the topic of sustainable transport has led him to launch a popular application Liftago, which connects passengers directly to taxi drivers. For passengers, this means a faster, more reliable and more robust taxi service, and for taxi drivers more orders with a fixed fee for each order.

He believes in clean business practices. In 2010, with the goal of returning honesty to Czech business, he founded the association Podnikáme bez korupce (We Do Business Without Corruption), which he heads till this day.


He tries to be useful to his surroundings. Enabling young people to learn languages, gaining education and experience to return home and help their region – that is the goal of the Renaissance Scholarship Fund, which he founded together with the Ústí Community Foundation in 2010 and which annually supports students from the Ústí Region going to foreign universities.

He supports humanitarian projects in the poorest African countries.

For example, he also helped the Drama Studio in Ústí nad Labem find asylum after the last city management decided to destroy it.

Innovation in business

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